Online Listen & Learn: 3 Steps To Developing Consumer Insight

All successful businesses solve problems for a specific group of people. In this edition of Listen & Learn, Anisa Johnny, cofounder of Design Up Asia Pte Ltd and a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing and Management, will outline the basic tools you should have to understand your customer, and how your products can solve their problems or enhance their lives.

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About Anisa
Anisa has spent the last 20 years doing a variety of roles in fashion and lifestyle. From training in the buying office at Marks & Spencers, launching her own fashion brand with clients across Europe, to working as a Consultant for TopShop. Anisa cut her teeth on design thinking and branding whilst establishing one of London’s best heritage buildings into a unique venue as part of her postgraduate research. She then transitioned to academia, spending the last 7 years as a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Marketing & Management in Singapore.

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