23/04/2019 07:00pm The Hive Lavender

Making Functional Ceramics

Workshop participants will choose to turn a one piece vessel to their own Mug, Cup or even Planter.

Participants will be working with leather hard (medium dry clay), to transform an already wheel thrown small vessel to their own piece of functional ceramics-ware. They will be able to add on, carve off and use underglaze to add colour to their pieces. All vessels provided will be the same shape. From there, they can use tools provided to create a mug, cup or planter!

7pm-7.10pm : arrival and settling down

7.10pm-7.30pm: intro & demo about what they are doing

7.30-8pm: altering their vessels

8-8.45: Underglazing and decorating

So hurry, join Ummuramics and immerse yourself in the process of moulding your own wares from clay with hand-building techniques. Turning a one piece vessel to your own mug, cup or planter. You might be surprised with what your hands can create.

RSVP: https://makingfunctionalceramics.peatix.com/

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