20/05/2018 12:00am The Hive Lavender

Hackathon with Spark Fest

The event price includes goodies, food and drinks and bonus access to SPARK Fest during the hackathon*

Over the next few decades, our sex lives will change dramatically.

AI, 3D printing, big data, cryptocurrency, mobiles apps, VR / AR, robotics… We are at a time where technology is adding to the speed of disruption and transformation across all industries and areas of life – including our relationships and sexual experiences.

This is taking place in parallel of a continually changing landscape of gender, religious and political norms.

At such a time, we have an opportunity and need to find creative and innovative ways to use technology to proactively shape how the world of sexual wellness will change.

This could mean addressing challenges from access to quality sex ed to long distance relationships to disability + sex to closing the pleasure gap to third age sex… the human sexual experience is broad and diverse!

As an industry, SexTech is estimated to be a $30 billion USD industry by 2020 and grow at an annual rate of 30% (faster than the drone industry!).

This is your chance to get involved in a quickly advancing industry and join a movement that can change the world.

WHAT is SexTech?
“Technology, and technology-driven ventures, designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt in every area of human sexuality and human sexual experience.”

In other words, sextech is technology-enabled innovations that tackle the evolving social challenges around sex and sexual well-being.

WHY Should You Care?
Our friends at the recent Sydney Sextech hackathon put it quite nicely: “Innovations in sextech will allow us to experience, express, and understand our sexualities in ways we never thought possible. The key value of sextech products and services is that they are designed around relationships, bringing new ideas of intimacy, pleasure and desire to the human experience. While there is plenty of potential in this space, it is largely untapped.”

This is a universal topic that affect every person in some way.

HOW does a Sextech Hackathon work?
Unlike other hackathons, this is not a techy hackathon. If you code, great! If you don’t know how to code, that’s ok too! This is about coming together to solve challenges in the world of sexual wellness. “Hacking” will take place over a weekend where participants will collaborate intensively on creating sextech products – this might look like a prototype, a design, a campaign or a concept.

WHO can Participate?
We welcome people of all job descriptions, whether you’re a designer, developer, marketer, entrepreneur, project manager, therapist or sexologist. Diverse groups often work incredibly well together to produce the best results.

In particular, if you identify with any of the below – WE WANT YOU!

> You have an opinion/idea on sexual wellness
> You consider yourself to be inclusive and open to new perspectives
> You are ready to shake things up
> You are passionate about making change

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